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101 in 1001 . South Central Va Lifestyle Photographer

(I decided to give this it's own blog to keep up with it) Now for something different, a couple of my photographer friends have done this so I decided to jump in and try it too, I'm not quite done with my list yet but when I do I'll update it. These are things I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. So each time I cross something off the list I'll update it and maybe blog about it.
101 in 1001

1. attend a workshop (this will happen and I'm eyeing one now)

2. Shoot more seniors

3. Start a senior program

4. Shoot more for myself

5. Photograph my kids more in actual sessions

6. Keep up the 52 weeks of us project

7. Get a new blog

8. Revamp my website

9. Be featured on 5 style/inspiration blogs (1/5)
(1.The Rally Point)

10. Travel out of state for a wedding

11. Go to D.C.

12. Go to Utah

13. Go back to Cali and visit friends

14. Get the 16-35mm

15. Finish backing up all photos to CDs (their already backed up two other places but for good measure)

16. Set up my darkroom

17. Shoot at least 5 different types of film (0/5)

18. Finish reading the Harry Potter Series (0/7)

19. Make Keeley's birthday outfit

20. Get a photo with Jax with the pups so he can have a canvas like Keeley's

21. Raise $500 for Picture for Paws

22. Volunteer at the animal shelter

23. Go to WPPI

24. Go to the antique stores I've always wanted to go to

25. Buy a house

26. Travel out of the country

27. Have my own natural light studio

28. Get a photo (or photos) published

29. Get back in shape

30. Find the perfect little black dress

31. Take boudoir photos for Drew

32. Learn to like heals

33. Get a pair of white Toms and decorate them

34. Grow a small cotton field

35. Do another painting family portrait of our family

36. Blog more

37. Keep my website up to date

38. Work out more

39. Stay organized

40. Get a skill saw and learn to use it

41. Work on my time management

42. Finish 4 quilts (0/4)

43. Learn more about off camera lighting

44. Collaborate with more artist for a session

45. Host at least two more Think outside the green box workshops

46. Photograph animals at the shelters to help get them homes

47. Be more stylish

48. Learn how to do makeup and hair better

49. Shoot a wedding with Katie :)

50. Shoot with someone I look up to

51. Do something for Wounded Warriors

52. Don't let the small things get to me

53. Take more driving photo trips like I used to

54. Get a medium format camera

55. Photograph a birth

56. Take the kids on vacation

57. Go camping

58. Knit some fingerless gloves

59. Trash my wedding dress

60. Go snowboarding

61. Have our family photos take with the dogs (and maybe the cats haha)

62. Learn more about videography

63. Have our family session videoed

64. Spend a day at a spa

65. Convince the Love Affair girls to have another workshop so I can attend

66. Make mini albums of events in our lives

67. Go on a cruise

68. Go to Vegas with Drew

69. Blog when I cross something off of this list

70. Get the tattoo I've been wanting for a long time

71. Volunteer at  Villalobos Rescue Center

72. Keep growing my hair out

73. Do 5 in home lifestyle sessions (0/5)

74. Go to Kingsdominion again

75. Do more arts and crafts projects with the kids

76. Win something on Crave Photography's Give Away (she's giving away a 85mm lens, a seat in her online mentorship, and gift certificates to her design shop how awesome is that!)
77. Bake more
78. Actually use all my fabric I have laying around and sew more

79. Crochet a granny blanket

80. Keep my nails painted more than normal (which is hardly ever)


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