Wednesday, January 23, 2008

day 106
So today is far from over but while sitting here working on my resume I thought about yesterdays photo and how it reflected on a part of me that I don't like right now, so I decided todays photo would balance it out and would be about something I do like about myself. I used my macro lens to snap a photo of my eye, I know it's cutting out part of the corner but I liked this shot the best out of the ones I did. The first photo is unedited straight out of the camera, the second I lightened up a bit and used one of my favorite actions from the Totally Rad Action set to make the colors pop, the third I used a couple of more actions to make the details come out a bit more and well the last one is black and white, I washed out my face on purpose for that one.
So here is photo for day 106, I'm going back to my smallville season 6 marathon :P
day 106


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Photography by Misty Smith's Fan Box


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