Monday, January 7, 2008

day 90

day 90: first day back to classes, my 8a.m. class was good except for it being at 8a.m. lol but I think it's going to be a really good class and it'll be amazing for my design portfolio so I'm excited about that. We have to have a real client by the end of the semester and do some design work for them which should be cool. My second class which is portfolio and resume so far is fun, we're actually not going to meet as a class a lot which is great. right now our homework is to write out our career goals for the future which should be interesting. Tomorrow is my painting class, they are actually offering a photography class after that, that I can take but I'm not because it's so late at night and it's kinda like the class I already took so I'm opting not too, I say that now but I might change my mind lol we'll see. For lunch today I got chickafilla and it had this sticker on my order which describes me so it's my photo of the day :)
day 90


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