Monday, January 7, 2008

day 89

Day 89: So I'm the type of person that loves change especially when it comes to decorating, Since I moved back to Gretna last March I think I've moved things around about 5 times lol. Since I'm getting ready to move I thought it would be nice to start packing some stuff up and to give the walls a fresh coat of paint since I've put a lot of dents in the walls and such. So I thought about lighting up the room a bit because I found this color scheme I love, but then again I thought that might be hard to do since I'd have to prime the heck out of the walls to get the dark color to go away... keep an eye out later on this week for the finished product to see what color I went with :P My photo shows my room minus all the photos off the walls the only thing on the walls right now are my calendar and my rice lamp which will come down tomorrow when I hopefully start painting. My bed is full of magazines and photo albums which is kinda insane considering that is far from all of them because the guest bedroom and the living room as a ton of them as well. Needless to say I'm going through the magazines and tearing out photos that inspire me and then throwing the rest out. I'm such a pack rat so this has been interesting to find old magazines from 2004 and later.

Other than painting my room I start my final semester of college tomorrow!! I'm pretty excited! I'm not excited about the fact I have to get up at like 6a.m. to get ready and leave by 7:00 to get to my 8:00 class but it'll be o.k. I'm looking forward to my classes, Communication Design II, Portfolio and Resume, and Painting II. I'm really excited about the Portfolio class because I already have a photography portfolio from my Advanced Photographic Printing class but I'm excited to have a Portfolio of all my artwork, drawings, designs etc. I'm just excited that I'm graduating and that hopefully I can take some photography classes that the academy has every once in a while, we'll see though.

ok I'm going to shut up and get into bed, enjoy day 89 :)



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