Friday, January 11, 2008

day 94: writting with light

day 94: my freshman year in college I didn't know what i wanted to do, I thought I wanted to do radiology cause I knew that wherever the corps would take me and drew I could always find a job, but deep down I knew I wanted to do photography, it's something I had been in love with since I was little (I really need to dig up this old photo of me what I was 3 with my dad's Pentax SLR, well with my dad's help lol) anyways so I enrolled in 2 health classes and 2 photography classes. Visual Literacy was an amazing class, well I loved it at least, we studied photographs and my teacher was amazing. The first day of class he asked us "what is photography?" some people answered but not the answer he wanted, he told us photography is "writing with light." There is a photo by a famous photographer who I cannot for the life of me think of who it is, but the photo is of Pablo Piccaso drawing da Vinci's perfect man with a flashlight, it's an amazing photo and when I dig my book up out of everything that's packed away I'll scan it in and show you, anyways here's my writing with light photo :)

day 94
also I said in my last blog I'd post a photo of my exhibit I hung up, I took this in the mirror and it's not the best and I'll scan the actual photos in later on but here's a sample.


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Photography by Misty Smith's Fan Box


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