Friday, February 1, 2008

day 115
Day four of the migraine from hell. I swear if I don't get rid of this thing soon I'm going to go crazy!!! I've tried everything the docs have given me and everything in the medicine cabinet and nothing is working!! I hate having migraines and I hope when I have kids I won't pass this along to them.
Enough of that rant.
My photo today is of my mom, we both sit and watch HGTV all the time and that is what we were doing after dinner so I snapped this photo of her. Drew said I wasn't allowed to watch HGTV anymore cause I have all these big plans for our new place and I think I'm scaring him lol but yes I lead a very boring life, I was supposed to go out for my friends birthday tonight but I can't think straight little less drive in this weather :(
here's my mom :) I had fun with the actions and used a combination of them for this photo, the light in the living room is icky so I wanted to give it kind of an old poliroid feelish :P
day 115


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Photography by Misty Smith's Fan Box


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