Sunday, November 9, 2008


So I have today off and some time to rest so I thought I would do a mini update/braindump.
- I will have some new couples photos up soon, we had to reschedule our shoot for today to later on this week/weekend, but I'm super excited about this shoot because we're shooting at Hunting Island and downtown Beaufort and while working shrimpfest last monthish I scoped out some really cool places that I'm dying to go to, and might try to drag Drew to today lol. Also I'm excited because this couple is amazing and they have the coolest dog ever (ok not as cool as Osceola but still :P)
- I'm working with a new company now and I'm patiently waiting on my sample albums to come in which I am stoked about! they are going to be amazing! and I can't wait till Whit's wedding next year so I can put one together for her! (also any other weddings anyone wants to book me for :P)
- Hopefully these next couple of months will bring new equipment my way, we'll see how that plays out, I'm still drooling for the 50mm along with a new 5D but we'll see. I love the studio work Noelle and Sierra have been doing and would love to eventually do that someday, but we'll see after Keeley gets here
- speaking of Miss Keeley, things are going great, I'm getting pretty big and round :P but I love it. She's kicking up a storm these days so I'm pretty sure she wants to be a ninja instead of a photographer whens he grows up :P We're working on priming her room back to white so we can make it girly for her, that's probably what I'll work on today actually
- Osceola our puppy is doing great as well, I'll have to do a photoshoot of him soon
- As for the stealing photos thing, the girls myspace and photobucket are deleted so there's not much more we can do but just hope in the future people will not do that. I made my personal albums public again but went through and deleted a lot of the photos from them because of this.
- I cannot wait until December not only because of my birthday and Christmas but because Cody from Robby's Lady photography is coming down to Beaufort to do my maternity photos before she heads back to the west coast! She did the photo that is at the top of my blog along with some others for me this summer and she has been doing some amazing play with light lately so I cannot wait for her to get down here and make me beautiful and get some photos of my little family :P plus I can't wait to see her cause I miss her like crazy!!!
- Me and Drew went to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball last night so since I hate to make a post with no photos enjoy this one of us from last night. and just be on the lookout for newness to come soon :)


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