Saturday, June 19, 2010

Has it been that long . personal

since I last blogged, I've been slacking. I'm working on 3 session to get edited and blogged right now as well as catching up on Esty orders. I have a list of new things to sew once I catch up as well as having an awesome wedding this week to photograph and my trip to Va coming up in July which is going to be non stop photographing fun!
My parents came in this past weekend and I got my dad to snap this of our little family (minus the cats, they don't take to the sit outside very well) It's something I've been wanting for a while but never did it and I can't wait to get it blown up on canvas :) This is actually two photos put together because in the original Vader was looking off to the side so I took him out of another photo where he was sitting pretty and put it into this one where Keeley is looking forward and while Osceola is looking off to the side he's still sitting pretty (he's such a ham for the camera)

And I figured I could leave you with a teaser of Jennifer and Chris's session :)
more to come soon :)


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Photography by Misty Smith's Fan Box


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