Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jaxon's Belly Book week 16 . personal

This might seem silly but I'm keeping a lot of whats going into Jaxon's room and the design of his album a secret til it's all done and he's here pretty much, so this photo isn't the actual week 16 photo that is going in the album that is a secret but it does have a lot to do with this week. I bought this table almost 5 years ago in North Carolina at this gun show we used to go to all the time with my parents, they would have this huge flea market thing going on outside of the gun show so my mother, aunt and I would always shop there while my dad and uncle were at the gun show part. I love this table it has a glass topper and you can put things underneath the glass to personalize it. When I got it, it was a cream color which looking back I should have left it that color but instead I decided to give it a really bad paint job and paint it black... ick. We moved it here to Beaufort when we PCS'd here and it was in our living/dinning area for a long time. I attempted to strip it a year or so ago with no real luck so my parents took it back to Gretna. When we found out I was pregnant again I immediately knew how I wanted to style the nursery no matter the sex and I knew I wanted this table in there so we brought it back with us the last time we went home and I just started working on it this week. I tried priming it but my first horrible paint job and attempted strip has made it horribly un-even so now it's in the process of being re stripped and I'm waiting on my parents to come down and help me hopefully finish it around Christmas. I had plans to re paint it to match a piece already in the room but the wood color is so pretty I'm kinda wanting to leave it if we can get all the paint off which I don't see happening. So it will be getting a new nice coat of paint and new hardware and I'm searching for artwork to go under the glass and well as on the walls. Etsy seriously should have a baby registry because the amount of things I want from there for his room is crazy. I am doing his bedding and mobile myself and some of the art work is awesome and I just don't have the letter pressing capabilities. I think I've blabbed on enough about the nursery, sorry :)


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Photography by Misty Smith's Fan Box


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