Thursday, January 17, 2008

day. one hundred. snowday
snow/sleet/freezing rain day! So I got a text at 7a.m. from my friend Kelly telling me to look outside, much to my happiness it was some snow, not a lot but some and it had started to sleet. So I call my call my boss to see if we were working today and much to my dismay we were, so no night class but still going into work. I was actually surprised how many people came in but we still were insanely slow. So I brought my camera and was snapping some shots around work and this turned out to be my favorite. I found this splenda packet in the back and this is what was written on the back.
also I'm including some from the snow we had.
today is pretty cool cause it's day one hundred of this photo a day project :) I'm really happy I've made it this far, it's been really interesting and I think it's made me learn more about my camera and more about what I can do with my photos.
I'm looking into getting my business license but I'm split with what state I should get it in since we're moving soon... It's about time that I do it though since I've been running my little business for a little over a year now. I'm trying to get all the professional sides of it done so look for all those updates coming up in the next couple of months :)
here is the photo of the day
day 100
and some extras
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