Wednesday, January 16, 2008

days. ninety eight. and ninety nine.

it finally snowed here today, it only snowed for like 5 minutes and it didn't stick at all but hey at least it snowed right :)

day 98
I just have to say I hate 8:00 classes, I love the class I just hate the 8 a.m. part oh and the hour drive part. When I was getting ready to leave for class today I noticed the sun coming up and how pretty is was this morning so here is part one of today
day 99
My second photo is of Flossie, she sleeps on Drew's side of the bed when he's not here so i figured since I had a really color photo of this morning I'd post this black and white photos of her to balance it out :)
day 99
Their calling for us to have bad weather tomorrow, sleet and freezing rain and stuff so I doubt I'll have my night class if that's the case and maybe even no work if it's bad enough :P I wish we would get some real snow and lots of it but it doesn't seem to be working out that way.


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Photography by Misty Smith's Fan Box


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