Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Days 111 & 112

Today was a boring day, I had class this morning at eight, we reviewed color theory, finished up our drop cap assignment then class was over like an hour early. I went to Alltel to get my new phone ordered since the one I have is screwed up (rrr :( ) I stopped by starbucks afterwards to try one of the new skinny latte's, I got a cinimon dulche which I'd never had before and figured hey it's free why not, didn't like it too much but I think Flossie did lol no she didn't actually drink any of it but she sure did sniff at it a lot. If you've noticed the past couple of days I've added a couple of extras of the same object, remember back when I said I was going to go back and redo some projects I had done in my photography classes, this is one of them, in our project we had to photograph 3 different objects in 12 different ways, I'm working on scanning in my originals, instead of 12 I did about 3 instead for here :)
Tommorow is my painting class, I'm really nervous about starting this painting, one because of it's size it's going to be really hard to complete and two because I want this to be really good so I'm hoping I don't screw it up.
anyways here is todays photo and some extras :)
day 111

So I got my replacement phone in the mail today, got it activated and boxed up my old defective one to be shipped back, hopefully this one won't give me any problems, I really like my lil smart phone but this last one had a jitch and kept screwing up which drove me up the wall...
some added ones of Slick, for those that don't know when I moved out to Cali in 2006 I had to leave behind Kittyboots, my cat I've had since I was a freshman in highschool. Well I was really bummed about it and would go to the animal shelters and look at the cats and dogs all the time, so one day before Drew had to start going to the field all the time for a couple of weeks on end, we went together and picked out a tabby kitten but when we got to the front desk we found out he was already taken, well behind the receptionist in this huge cage was two itty bitty kittens, we asked about them and they said they just came up for adoption, we asked to see them and after playing with them decided we couldn't separate them since even though they aren't really brother and sister they were raised together so we got them both :) that's how we got Slick and Flossie, it's crazy how much they've grown since that day. Anyways back to my point lol since they are like brother and sister if you do for one you have do for the other (and that goes for Kittyboots too now :P) so I added a photo of Slick I took, the lighting was really low so since I was shooting in RAW I underexposed the photo which ended up awesome with everything dark but his eyes, when I opened the photo to edit it I was able to adjust the exposure without making it look too distorted, yah for RAW :) hehe
day 112


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