Monday, May 18, 2009

love affair

So the awesome ladies that run Love Affair are doing the scholarship contest for this upcoming Love Affair and one of the tasks is to blog about why you want to go to Love Affair, really why wouldn't you want to go though?
It should be obvious that I want to go to Love Affair to learn more about photography because that is what I've always loved to do and would love to be able to do as my career but being able to be around 4 of the women I look up to in photography is the main reason, being able to learn from them.
My blog stalking really started with Lauren Clarks blog. She had photographed a girl I know's engagement photos and she had posted the link to Lauren's blog for us to see her photos. I was so in love with the way she captured them together being themselves, although I don't think it's everyday we play in water fountains in town but you get what I mean. I've always loved the way Lauren makes her colors pop and how everyone looks so relaxed and yet like super models in her photos. From her blog I found the other 3 founders of Love Affair. Millie Holloman is someone I've been super tempted into begging Drew into driving up to Wilmington to have our photos done by. I love her style as well, she takes the most abnormal, not generically pretty places and makes it the best place to do photos at. Her brain dumps are always fun to read as well. Kelly Moore amazes me not only in the photography world but in the mommy world as well, if I remember right she pottytrained her little girl way before kids are normally pottytrained which is something I'd love to learn :P but photography wise I love how elegant her photos always look. Her images are just so graceful and beautiful! Davina is also someone I admire not just for her photography skills but her mommy skills as well. I always love reading her blog and seeing how she captures her everyday life as art, it's really inspiring.
Those are just a couple of reasons, I could right a ton more but Keeley is awake from her nap and ready to play so that's what I'm off to do :)
On a me note before I go look out for some new blogs coming soon :) I have a maternity shoot I'm editing, a wedding and engagement shoot this weekend and then two weddings next month (after the 1st wedding I'll be able to post the bridal photos as well ) so yes lots of newness coming :)


*~*a.l.s*~* May 20, 2009 at 8:52 PM  

Hi Misty. your entries count as long as you entered your fave color somewhere Good luck!

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