Sunday, May 30, 2010

new skirt, new lens . my life

Whenever the UPS or FedEx guy comes it kinda feels like Christmas, especially when he's bringing new photo goodies :) I finally saved up enough to get the 24-70mm I've been drooling over for the past year as well as a new flash which was needed because my other one died on me. I was so excited to open up the box and take out the lens and play with it, my husband on the other hand wasn't too excited to have photos snapped of him while playing playstation. I was such a huge dork but the only thing that has been on my 5D has been my 50mm so to have something wide angle on my camera was amazing. I love it :)
My sewing machine has been permanently attached to our dining table the past couple of weeks. My proudest achievement from it's time on the table is this ModKid skirt. I had ordered this Amy Butler fabric before Keeley was born with the intention of making her something and here she is a year and I hadn't done anything yet, but when I saw that skirt pattern I knew they were made for each other. It's really fun and I kinda wish I had one in my size. I also decorated a onesie to match and made a messy flower headband for her that of course she won't wear but I like it so I do :P I'm excited that it should still fit her this November when we normally do family photos :)
I took Keeley out the day after the lens came for a quick photoshoot around our house in her new outfit. Our yard isn't the best at all and after the huge storm we had last weekend there are branches everywhere but Keeley had fun playing so that's all that matters.

Her mess of a room, I'm slowing moving the majority of her toys in there to keep us from stepping on them in the living room

watching yo gabba gabba :)

the photo on the right she's doing her fake laugh, it's hilarious

my personal favorite, I love brick walls, this is right outside our patio near the dog lot



"bye mom"

another upside to the wide angle is self portraits and hand held out portraits of me and the hubby :)

yes I took a photo of the box before I opened it :P

on a business note the blogs web address will be changing soon so you might have to update your subscriptions :) I'm excited about my new website that will be going live this week as well, it's bringing some fun changes to my site and business :)


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