Monday, February 21, 2011

It's all Rachael's fault I love Kelly Moore's Bags . personal

If you're a photographer this is probably nothing new for you, you've probably hear of the amazingness that is Kelly Moore Bags. I've been drooling over one for a while now because while I love my shootsac I really need something that can carry my camera bodies as well, and with the upcoming upgrade to the Mark II I'm going to need something to carry both the classic and Mark II in for shoots. Last fall my friend Rachael helped me shoot a wedding back home, lucky for me Rachael is a Kelly Moore bagahollic and has two already, so I got to try out her B Hobo bag and fell in LOVE! It was roomy enough to hold my 60mm, 24-70mm my rebel with it's battery grip and some extras I had to carry around without fear something was going to fall out which was awesome! Since then it's been a constant struggle in my head whether to wait and get it or just get it, get it over with and be happy lol So I've decided to take the plunge and get one :) If you haven't checked out the bags yet you should, they are all super cute and there is even one for the boys which I really like and thought about getting except I love the B Hobo so much :P
Here are some of me with Rachael's B Hobo




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