Monday, May 9, 2011

Fabric Bracelets . Tutorial

Yesterday for Mothers Day my friend Katie and I went out on a photo adventure where I got to get in front of her very talented lens once again for some maternity photos before Jaxon make his appearance (hopefully sooner than later because the are you carrying twins thing is getting old, no I'm not carrying twins just one big boy that's going to be a football player like his dad lol). The night before when I was getting things together for the shoot I knew I wanted to make something fun, I was going to do a headband but decided to put one of the ones I had made my daughter to good use since she's not a fan lol. I was looking in my fabric bin and came across all the scraps that I had left from Jaxon's quilt and it made me think about a blog Ashley from Under the Sycamore had posted while her daughter was in the hospital and I knew what I wanted to do.
(photo by Kathleen Amelia)
I wanted to make these bracelets which turned out to get a lot of questions on facebook about where I got them so I wanted to share how I made them in case anyone wanted to make some of their own :) I know there are probably a ton of tutorials out there on how to make them but here is mine :)

skinny bracelet
start out with a wide piece of fabric that is longer than the circumference of your wrist

I'm a huge fan of ripping fabric so I cut the two slits in the fabric to start

then rip till you get about an inch or a 1/2 an inch from the edge


then cut a slit in that area, not too wide though

braid the fabric and then knot it off at the end, make sure it will fit around your wrist before knotting it off

take the knot and pull it through the slit at the top and there you go

if it's longer than needed once you get it on wrap the extra around the bracelet and you can tuck the extra around the slit in if you'd like it's totally up to you

The Chunky Bracelet
Start with lots of random strips of scraps, once again longer than the circumference of your wrist, I like to do at least 9 strips

Tie a knot at the top to gather it all together and start braiding

once you get to where it is at a length where it will fit around your wrist (and go over your hand to get it on) take the top knot and insert it into your braiding area and braid a little bit

then take your braiding ends and tie them together so you're securing the braid which will make your finished product look like side by side knots

There is really no right or wrong way to do this, it's just the way I like to do it and it's so easy and fun you can make a ton! I've also done necklaces like this for my daughter to play with which is a lot of fun and a great way to use all my scraps.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and ignore my not so awesome photos, I cannot hand hold 1/15th of a second with one hand very well lol
Be sure to check out Katie's blog for the rest of my maternity photos (which I recommend every pregnant lady do because I felt so pretty doing them!) and Ashley's blog which contains a ton of amazing tutorials and a look into her life with her family
I should have one more blog before Jaxon's arrival and newborn photos (which I know I'm really behind on blogging, I need to fix that before I hopefully get a new blog this fall :) ) So be on the lookout for that :)


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